Souvenir from Vienna

Vienna is universally known as the Capital of Music in Europe. Many of the most important composers were born or lived there and this common link will be the topic of the concert. J. Brahms, although he was born and raised in Germany, lived in Vienna from 1862 until his death in 1897 and it was there where he composed his Scherzo in c minor, which we will open the concert with. W. A. Mozart, Austrian born in Salzburg, established his residence in Vienna in 1781 and the Sonata in B flat Major we will perform in this concert belong to the cycle of the “Wiener Sonaten”. We will finish the concert with the magnificent Sonata in E flat Major by Richard Strauss, another German composer related to the city: in 1919 Strauss is appointed director of the Opera of Vienna and there he will live for five years. While the audience is listening to the concert they can imagine themselves walking to the Danube, across the gardens of the Belvedere Palace or admiring S. Stephans Cathedral which probably all these previously mentioned composers passed by.

Duration: Aprox. 60 minutes


J. Brahms: Scherzo in c minor (F.A.E.)

W. A. Mozart: Sonata in B flat Major KV. 454

A. Webern: Four pieces for violin and piano op.7

R. Strauss: Sonata for violin and piano in E flat Major op.18

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