A Musical Trip Through Europe

We are going to have a trip across Europe through its music, in different periods and countries. Our starting point will be Austria: we will depart from Salzburg with Mozart as guide and one of his most important sonatas for violin and piano: KV. 454 in B flat Major. The next stop will be in 2016 thanks to a young Spanish composer, Federico Mosquera, and his piece dedicated and composed for our duo. In the second part of the program the trip will bring us to Hamburg, where Brahms was born, and his Scherzo in c minor and then to the Polish mountains thanks to Szymanovski. We will end our journey in Prague in 1926 with Martinu’s Sonata in d minor, one of his less-known pieces, but not exempt of intensity, depth, humor and virtuosism.

Duration: Aprox. 70 minutes


W. A. Mozart: Sonata in B flat Major KV. 454

F. Mosquera: Metamorfosis for violin and piano (*Composed for and dedicated to Duo Delibes)

J. Brahms: Scherzo in c minor (F.A.E.)

K. Szymanovski: Chant de Roxanne (from the opera “Le Roi Roger”)

B. Martinu: Sonata for violin and piano in d minor

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